A Messy Situation

Macarena Lewis smiles while texting someone when Hans interrupts her with his boomer energy speech about cleaning her room. The rebel student won’t listen to him and reminds him that he’s not her father, but then she remembers as well that he’s not her father, so he can be a daddy instead. What better way to make him shut up than making out with him? Macarena leaves Hans speechless giving him a good blowjob. The Oldje takes a taste of her pussy, as she moans louder and louder. The Spanish student with big boobs bounces on Hans’ dick and enjoys being fucked from behind. That would keep her off her phone. Macarena cleans up the sperm off of Hans so, in return, he will clean the room for her. Next generation knows what a barter is. Eyyyy, Macarena!