Quarantine Sex

Old Hans has become really cranky during the quarantine, as he can’t go outside because his age makes him vulnerable. He sends young Sherill Collins to the store to buy some things for him. The girl makes all his wishes come true, but little did she know that the old man hates apple juice and he’s unsatisfied with her again. He gets angry he waits so much for her to bring him a cup of tea, so Sherill can’t take it anymore, takes her face mask off and decides it’s time to please Hans in other ways. She takes off her shirt to reveal her huge tits and doesn’t waste any time, she makes out with the old man. They begin fucking like there’s no tomorrow and Hans starts feeling young again, taking powers from Sherill’s young pussy. The brunette moans as the Oldje puts all of his quarantine preserved energy in fucking her hard. It’s a true sexual pandemic in their bedroom.