Sex Therapy

Boris is feeling tired, sitting in bed until he recovers. Julia comes to see if he is feeling all right. She brings him a hot tea, seeing she is in a giving mood he asks for a massage. Getting on top of him she starts massaging his back and giving him smooches to try and make him feel better, but that’s not all she has in mind, she then starts massaging her tits while massaging him. Dry humping on his back Julia starts to rub her pussy. Looks like Oldje didn’t get the hint from her dry hump, she gets him with his face up so she can start jerking him off. He starts feeling better after she starts licking and sucking his dick, gently going down his shaft to lick his balls. She gets her shirt off letting him suck on his tits and gets on her back for him to nibble on her clitoris. Julia is now ready to take in his big cock. Rubbing her clitoris and her nipples she gets closer to orgasm. She’s not ready yet to finish so she gets on top and rides him like a cowgirl. Moans get more intense as he fucks her from the back and kisses her passionately. She now waits for him to finish in her mouth, licking his dick until he cums.