Tempting Hostess

Boris and Harry are on vacation in a hotel, having a beer and discussing their plans to visit the area. They just arrived and already set their eyes on the hostess. Krystal brings more beer to the fellas, gives both of them a naughty look and a peek up her mini skirt as she leaves the beer. She is asked to sit with them and she agrees with a big smile on her face. She doesn’t say a word, just starts to rub Oldjes legs intimately and gives each one a kiss. After undressing, teen starts to jerk their cocks and give blowjobs. Girl knowing how to entertain two men gets in the middle, gobbling Harry’s cock while Boris fucks her pussy and makes it clap! Guys switch, but babe wants to ride with a mouth full of cock. Krystal lays on her back to get a face full of cum! Now that’s a good hostess!