The Oldje Who Stole Christmas

Some people get visited by the ghosts of Christmas, our Oldje is visited by the sweet Pleasure! Poppy is one hot spirit and gets Luc hard and horny. Dreams can also turn to nightmares, your dream girl getting fucked by your best friend! Phillipe invades his sweet dream and turns it into a nightmare. Rockin around the Christmas tree gets a new meaning as she sucks Phillipe’s cock in front of the tree and gets her legs up for some fucking in Luc’s own bed. Nightmare ends as Oldje cums all over the sugar plum fairy. Now the real dream begins, her kiss magically turns into Luc’s fantasy, he is now the one getting sucked and ridden like a race horse! Night is long but wet dreams pass quickly, Luc also ejaculates all over her as the fantasy ends… hope he didn’t stain the sheets in his sleep!