Trading Sport for Sex

Oldje enjoys his football match and goes through a lot of emotions cause his team is losing, he cheers for them but still in vain. His team recovers and he rejoices but Skiley is not impressed, she wants a romantic movie. Oldje wants to compromise and watch the movie after his game even goes as far as saying the football game is romantic! The game is very boring, so she found a way to entertain herself… rubbing her nipples and tits… He is so into the game he does not notice how she goes lower, down her pants. He keeps saying how good the game is so she asks if he appreciates her body, only then he notices what she was doing and can’t seem to focus on anything else. With a makeup-like kiss they are off to the land of sex! They keep kissing and start to undress, her hand slowly goes to his crotch and massages his dick, feeling how hard it is she gives him a blowjob. They get completely naked and Oldje fingers her a little before starting to thrust his dick inside. Skiley’s romantic movie continues with her riding his cock and moaning on top. She thirsts for more of Hugo’s cock and they move into the 69 position. After licking each other she gets her legs up and to be fucked deeper, so deep he is ready to cum! She gets on her knees and licks his cum as it comes out!